Hi, my name is Juliane and I am the designer of September|20. I am a 31-year old girl from Denmark I live in romantic surroundings close to the sea in Denmark with my husband and my two sons. I love picnics, road trips, traditions, seasonal celebrations, beautiful packaging, afternoon tea, cocktails, food cooked over a campfire, to decorate for an evening party and to host it. … and then I LOVE dresses… and I have never worn a pair of trousers in my entire lifte. There is almost nothing I like more than to zip up a dress and just feel the way the top fits perfectly around my body and how the fabric in the skirt moves around my legs. 

I aim for an everyday aesthetic in all I do and I might often be daydreaming about living in a more glamorous decade – like swinging around in the 1950’s. Being in love with vintage – but still being a modern girl, my wish is to combine the feminine silhouette of mid century fashion with more modern everyday life and well chosen quality textiles.

I work in the company of McVERDI – a fashion brand my mother started in 1987 and have been running ever since. I grew up with and in this brand, love it as my own and has been running it together with my mother, Lotte, for about 14 years now – and more to come. 

Still being a main part of McVERDI, I felt now was the time to start up this subbrand of my own, presenting a collection of dresses I have missed on the market. 

Surrounded by the best team you can ever imagine, September20 are travelling out into the world because we LOVE what we are doing. We are going to put more color to the world, be creative and feminine and have fun while wearing the most beautiful dresses and skirts. I have the most creative girls, Cathrine, Juliane, Frederikke and Julie by my side and we couldn’t be a stronger team.

And why September20? September 20 is my birthday – a day of indulgence, drinks, cakes and new dresses. And being a “daugther”-brand in many levels, I found it was the perfect name for my brand.

I love the same fabrics as we work with in McVERDI, but I have a completely different way to interpret them. September|20 is more young, more retro-inspired, more petite – and very different from it’s motherbrand.

So truly blessed with 32 years of know-how from McVERDI, September|20 can be an exclusive slow fashion brand with only few, small collections produced in a limited amount within EU. 

I would wear a dress to the moon if I was asked to go. Dresses don’t prevent me from doing anything I want – it is all about choosing the right dress in the right fabric. It is all about finish and not compromising. It is a lot about having pockets, so you can be sure to find pockets in a September|20 dress!

Have a look, get inspired and contact me if you have any questions 🙂
All the best, love and dresses

– Juliane Honoré

September20 v/McVERDI ApS
Ndr. Strandvej 153
3140 AAlsgaarde

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