Pink September20 dress in eco cotton


Colour up the spring with the coolest pink summer dress from September20. The dress is sewn in a crispy organic cotton which feels nice and easy to wear. Read more about the thoughts below.


A little more info about the dress…

There is almost nothing I like more than to zip up a well fitting, feminine dress and put my hands in the pockets. I love dresses which can be used for pretty shoes as well as rubber boots. Dresses in which you do not feel limited. Dresses which encourage you to go out – into the summer fields or for an urban walk. This pretty pink dress is exactly that. The quality isn’t “too delicate”, yet the silhouette is feminine and elegant. The dress is not lined and the crispy cotton feels nice agains the skin. The dress is what I usually call “beatiful inside out” with french seems. It has good pocket, which is a necessarity to feel free in a dress. The colour is strong – and if you feel the colour is too much, then style it with more neutral colors. I hope you like it ! /Juliane

The cotton fabric

This pink dress from September20 is sewn in a very nice cripsy cotton, which is woven of 100% organic cotton fibres. The cotton firbres are from China, while the finishing and dying are made in Italy under EU restrictions. We recommend to handwash your dress and avoid drying the dress in sunlight. The summer dress can be ironed. The dress is sewn on a family owned factory in Bulgaria.

The silhouette and fit

September|20 is the more petite subbrand of McVERDI. Be aware that the sizing system is very different from McVERDI sizing and the fitting is different. September|20 is more fitted and often hourglass-shaped and you should choose your size based on your chest width and waist width.

  • THIS DRESS IS FITTED: dresses, with a fitted silhouette around the body. Often hour-glass-silhouette. The dresses are meant to be tight and “tailored”. The FITTED dresses only have a couple of centimeters of width added as room for movement = the below measurements are very close to the chest/waist measurement of the dress/skirt. You should choose your size based on both chest and waist width.


2X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large, 3X-Large, Large, Large, Medium, Medium, Small, Small, X-Large, X-Large, X-Small, X-Small


pink, pink, Red, Rød


pink, pink


September20, September20

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