Size guide

Below is a guidance to which size you should choose depending on your chest and waistwidth. You should go for your chest width and sometimes waist, but most September|20 dresses have full skirts, so hip width is rarely needed.
September|20 works with 2 types of silhouettes:

  • FITTED: dresses, with a fitted silhouette around the body. Often hour-glass-silhouette. The dresses are meant to be tight and “tailored”. The FITTED dresses only have a couple of centimeters of width added as room for movement = the below measurements are very close to the chest/waist measurement of the dress/skirt. You should choose your size based on both chest and waist width.
  • LOOSE: dresses, meant to be more loosefitted around the chest. Not tight. Often A-line dresses. Here a little more width is added – approximately 6-8 cm extra width as room for movement. Here you should always choose your size based on chest width.


Your chestwidth76-7882-8488-9094-96100-102108-110116-118
Your waistwidth60-6266-6872-7478-8084-8692-94100-102


Your chestwidth30-3132-3335-3637-3839-4042-4345-46
Your waistwidth23-2426-2728-2930-3133-3436-3739-40