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I almost feel like this dress speak up for itself. We call it “TIVOLI” because it invites to summer, festivities and amusement. It is almost like being in a movie. It is incredible – read more about the my thoughts below.

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A little more info …

Do you know feeling of seing an old movie or a tv-show about another time and you just fall in love with the dress the main character is wearing? I almost can’t see a movie from the 1950’s without being fascinated and start dreaming. When I see a picture from the 1950’s Paris, an old danish movie or a scene in Mad Men. I instantly start dreaming about owning that exact dress. Then I got this incredible piece of fabric in my hands. It reminded me of summer, sun, walks, enjoyment, ice creams and pretty hats – and intuitively I had to sew this dress. This dress turned out to be exactly how I imaged it. When wearing it it feels like you are a part of a movie. You feel most elegant, pretty, feminine and ready for summer events. The delicate light weighted fabric is combined with a quite strong cotton skirt, so the dress gets the significant hour glass silhouette. It is delivered with a belt. The dress has pocket, but the fabric is delicate, so do not use them for too heavy items. Try it. Maybe it is the dress you were waiting for! All the best Juliane.

The fabric

The wonderful dress is sewn in a soft, crinkly and light summer-quality which consists of 99% cotton and 1% elastane and lined with a heavy cotton lining, which embraces the hour glass silhouette. It is a material that we’re really happy about – our dear Tivoli material. The tunic dress is wonderful, gauzy and elegant with strong associations to endless summer nights, holiday mood and visits to Tivoli. The material is a bit transparent and calls for hot summer days and a light breeze. Hand wash the tunic dress in cold water, there is no need to wash it often and there is no need for ironing it because the material is crinkly. Be aware of, that the material may contract when using and when it is wet, but it can easily be ironed out again if you prefer that look. The Material is produced in Italy, and the tunic dress is sewn in Bulgaria.

The silhouette and fit

September|20 is the more petite subbrand of McVERDI. Be aware that the sizing system is very different from McVERDI sizing and the fitting is different. September|20 is more fitted and often hourglass-shaped and you should choose your size based on your chest width and waist width.

  • THIS DRESS IS FITTED: dresses, with a fitted silhouette around the body. Often hour-glass-silhouette. The dresses are meant to be tight and “tailored”. The FITTED dresses only have a couple of centimeters of width added as room for movement = the below measurements are very close to the chest/waist measurement of the dress/skirt. You should choose your size based on both chest and waist width.
Your chest width82-8488-9094-96100-102108-110116-118124-126
Your waist width66-6872-7478-8084-8692-94100-102108-110
Your chest width333537-3840434649
Your waist width26293133374043





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